2019 China 1oz Hu Poo Dragon Dollar Restrike



This coin is the fifth release in the eight coin China’s Famous Vintage Coin series of Brilliant Uncirculated coins by LPM


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The China Pattern Tael Struck in Silver was issued by the Hu Poo (Board of Revenue) during the reign of Kuang Hsu, Year 29 (1903). Although struck at the Tientsin Mint, the original dies were ordered from and prepared by the Osaka Mint in Japan under the supervision of Robert Hart, Inspector General of Maritime Customs. The initial goal was an early attempt to unify Chinese coinage on the gold standard, producing denominations in 1 Tael, 5, 2, 1 and 1/2 Mace. The project never went into full production for several reasons. One being that the outlined plan called for one central mint to be responsible for coinage production to insure the uniformity of the new coinage, which the directors of the provincial mints heavily resisted due to potential profit cuts.


Country China
Denomination $1
Year of issue 2019
Metal Silver
Quality Brilliant Uncirculated
Mintage 5,000
Diameter 40mm
Thickness 2.75mm
Mint LPM
Series China’s Famous Vintage Coins
Weight 1oz (31.39g)
Fineness .999
Packaging In original capsule and sealed plastic sleeve
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